Iowa Academy of Ophthalmology

The Iowa Academy of Ophthalmology wholeheartedly recommends Kathy Lariviere as a small business website development professional and business needs consultant.   Kathy’s expertise and knowledge have helped us to create a real presence on the web and now to offer valuable services like online payment to our members through our website at

Kathy is wonderful to work with.  She has broad and current knowledge of the industry and the costs.  She will always do her best to partner you with the product and provider that fills your needs for the lowest cost possible. Kathy has also been instrumental in the creation and implementation of a logo, designs for our newsletter, meeting brochures, and other promotional materials.

Kathy is cost conscious and works with both your budget and your needs.   She is innovative, creative, and cooperative in finding the right solution for your particular need.  Availing yourself of Kathy’s expertise and resourcefulness would be a smart decision for any small business.


Tess Young, JD
Executive Director, Iowa Academy of Ophthalmology