Vinton Today

Every now and then, we make the comment that “this is our most ambitious project ever.”  Boy do we mean it with our latest website Vinton Today!  We were approached to do this project a couple of years ago, but funds needed to be raised, a plan needed to be established and, well, the old website was working for them, so we just stayed in the planning stage.  About six months ago, the code on the old site started to cause issues and fundraising and planning began in earnest.  We have learned so much about online newspapers, advertising, mobile friendly vs. mobile first, web games (yes, I said games!) and what new features are available on WordPress.  This has been a labor of love mixed with frustration as we tried some things that worked, and tried some things that didn’t work, but we are very pleased with the results.

We invite you to visit Vinton Today and read about Benton County residents and maybe play some games!