Our Team

Kathy Lariviere
  • Website Construction 50%
  • Delegating Work to Someone Else 20%
  • Searchologist 20%
  • Hearding Cats 10%

Kathy Lariviere

Chief Visonary

Kathy is the founder of Three Rivers Promotions and is frequently described as being creative and fun. Kathy wrote this so she gets to describe herself in glowing terms. After nearly twenty years of donating her time and talents to volunteer organizations, she created a company to help small business and organizations make a larger impact and reach their goals. Kathy loves the challenge of a blank page and uses her creativity to do the basic layout of each website. She likes to gather individuals from different backgrounds to work on projects, bringing out the best in all of them.

Steven Lariviere
  • Coding 10%
  • Technical Stuff 65%
  • Problem Solving 20%
  • Making us Laugh 5%

Steven Lariviere

Lord of all Things Technical

Steven now works part-time and probably is the smartest team member that we have, and we have dubbed him “Lord of all Things Technical.”.  He does the HTML and PHP coding on our websites – though some could argue that the rest of us are smart enough NOT to excel in coding and leave the hard work to him.  Steven is creative and a problem solver and keeps us entertained with his humor. We enjoy tossing impossible problems at him to see what he will come up with. It would be fair to say that we leave all the “hard stuff” to him to figure out!  He lives in Colorado and works as an Electrician’s Apprentice and heads our “west wing” division.

Mama Kitty
  • Shedding 60%
  • Rolling Around 20%
  • Napping 20%

Mama Kitty

Company Mascot

As the unofficial Three Rivers mascot, it falls on Mama Kitty to keep us in the game when the going gets tough.  With her impeccable furriness underfoot we can’t help but go on! Mama makes sure that we take frequent breaks and help reduce the stress level on our “technology challenged” days. She has been known to cuddle up to clients and take a swipe at our competition.