Frequently Asked Questions


What should I include in my website?

There are a lot of choices to make in developing websites, and people tend to error on the side of too much content.  If you can answer these three questions, it will help determine website content:

  • Who is your primary target? (members, potential members, customers, the general public) Picking all three isn’t choosing a primary target.
  • What do you want the website to accomplish?  Recruit members, gain customers, sell products, offer services, help people find you or offer public info (all sites do this to some degree, but how important is it, and should it be a primary focus?) etc.
  • What makes you unique? (What sets you apart from your competition?)

We work with you to make the choices that will give you a clean, user-friendly website that will help you accomplish your goals.


Why is your name “Three Rivers” Promotions?
When I started my promotions business, several of my clients were interested in assistance with websites.  One client generously offered to pay my tuition if I would take classes to learn web development.  My two sons helped me with some of the initial trials and tribulations of learning html coding and software.  Since our last name, Lariviere, roughly translates to mean “the river”, we became “Three Rivers Promotions.” Over the years, we have added team members and some have left to pursue other careers.  Currently, Steven and Samantha Lariviere are working part time to help with updates, while Kathy manages the day-to-day operations.


How did you come up with your logo?
Our logo was designed by one of our graphic design students.  We were looking for something unique, and I wasn’t happy with anything that I came up with.  My oldest son spent a year in Japan taking college courses.  One day, he was writing in Japanese and I asked him what the Japanese symbols for three rivers would look like.  I liked the symmetry of the symbols and sent them to my graphic designer.  She took my idea and added the Japanese Red Seal in the background.  Though I have traveled to Japan, I am sorry to say that I do not speak or read Japanese.  My son, however, is fluent in Japanese.  So if my logo doesn’t really say “Three Rivers” in Japanese, we are blaming him!


What is your background?
Kathy has worked in promotions for over 30 years.  Much of her work has been donated to schools and non-profit organizations.  She has organized many successful membership campaigns, fundraisers, and capital campaigns.  She has also served on the Board of Directors for several local, state and national organizations and understands how to work within a tight budget.

Steven learned how to build websites in college and joined Three Rivers after graduating. His ability to creatively problem solve has been of benefit to many clients. When Kathy had a serious health issue, Steven quit his job and took over the business for a year. He now works as a partner and lives in Colorado Springs.


How much will my website cost?
The actual cost of your website will depend on the number of pages and features you need.  Our basic website development package includes 3-5 pages and one month of free edits to ensure that you are happy with the final product.  After the first 30 days, we charge an hourly fee for updates, so that you can control the costs.  We will set up your domain name (web address) and hosting package (the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files) and direct bill the expense to you.  For a quick estimate, fill out our downloadable Website Interview Form and return it to us.


I’m not comfortable with technology jargon, how can I tell you what I want?
We hate “techno-speak” at Three Rivers Promotions. If we can’t put it in plain, easy to understand terms, we aren’t doing our job. We will always find a way to explain things to you so that you are comfortable with making decisions.


Do you have a question that we haven’t answered?
Email us at Kathy@ThreeRiversPromo.com and we will post your question and our response.